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Art is Dead — Long Live NFT’s

Are NFT’s a brilliant digital property solution or the monetization of everything?

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Are NFT’s the next digital tulip mania? Or worse? Tulips are flowers, beautiful real things you can smell and touch. NFT’s are often a self-entitled bunch of lost pixels reorganized and called ‘art’.

It’s the death of art. That’s what it is.

O Yeah, and it’s on a Blockchain.

Everything these days on a Blockchain seems to be touched by the golden hand of an invisible tech overlord from an unseen dystopian future.

And must cost a shitload.

Here are some theories why NFT’s are booming.

NFT’s are the ultimate criminal crypto underground whitewash machine. It’s friends bidding on friends, driving up the price for some Sheik or Russian Maffia to buy top prices while he has no clue what’s going on. It’s real ‘art’ made by clever artists that never made a dime and now discovered a hidden Photoshop filter to pixelate their boring sketches to eternal Internet fame.

Under the promise of decentralization (owning your content forever), are NFT’s nothing less than a further digital monetization of everything? Without any quality filter?

A new digital laisser-faire, let the market decide.

Let me explain how this might work out and what we need to do to stop big tech from eating us alive>>>

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