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BitClout —How to Start Earning Real Money Instead of Dimes

Capitalize your online reputation in your own tokens

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

To be an artist these days means being a well-oiled content creator machine.

Only a few will make it to the top.

There is another wave coming. It’s called decentralization and nobody really seems to understand the implications.

It will be a tsunami changing everything.

It will eradicate all banks, just for starters. So highly disruptive and it requires a different mindset. Well, a whole new paradigm as a matter of fact.

And yes, it runs on Blockchain tech. The magic 21st-century word.

Add to this the rise of NFT’s and it’s clear a lot is brewing in the kitchen for content creating artists. Will all of this finally turn your side hustle into a full-blown well paying job?

To finally get the recognition and money you deserve?

Super exciting times, but you need to pay attention and discern the false platform messiahs from the true empowering possibilities that are flooding the online content creation landscape as we speak.

BitClout has a lot of promise and is actually delivering.

This is how>>>

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