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Bitcoin Hits 50% Correction — Perfect Buy the Dip or More Blood to Come?

Read what these 3 top influencers advice you

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Did we just witness the major bull cycle correction we all have been waiting for, or is there more red cardiac arrest candles to come?

Bitcoin plummeted from $69K to $34K in 2,5 months, a more than 50% correction.

This bull run has seen another major 51% correction from mid-April to May 2021, when Elon Musk tweeted Tesla stopped accepting Bitcoin payments. Followed by China throwing out miners.

What is cooking in the kitchen this time?. The fear index is about to slide into single digits. Are whales massively flushing out weak hands to have an orgy of dip-buying? Or is the mother of crashes pending and this time Klaus Schwab himself will prevent bailouts to push his reset?

The choice is yours.

Be Mr/Mrs weakhand, be Mr Tone Vays buy-the-dip, do your HODL thing or leave the casino and start low risk high gains crypto DEFI saving with the money you got left.

This is what 3 influencers have to say about Bitcoin’s price flush>>>

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