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Bitcoin is on it’s way to $100K — Here is Why

History doesn’t lie — all you need to do is zoom out

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

When you’re new to Bitcoin and just bought in at $50K, and didn’t get a heart attack already, welcome to the wicked world of Bitcoin where volatility rules.

This article is a warning shot for becoming too opportunistic and has some advice for when to sell, although I am not a financial advisor. Bitcoin is my hobby.

Bitcoins 2 weeks of teasing traders and rekting rookies is slowly coming to an end.

It seems, Bitcoin is coming out of its 30% correction phase, coming down from it’s $60K latest all-time high made on February 21st, to a $43K correction a week later.

Corrections are normal and healthy in a bull market, nothing goes up forever except inflation and Bitcoin is solving that

Bitcoin did a dance with the 20-weekly moving average, and now as a Ballerina, this line is her support that probably won’t drop her into the low 40ies again. For now.

In other words, your money is still there, time to breathe, and when you’re lucky, we’re going for the next moon shot. $60K? Most Likely. $65K? Probably.

$70K? Get the hell out?

Let me give you some advice while zooming out and looking at the former bull market corrections>>>

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