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Bitcoin is the One Thing You Control Since it’s Controlled by Nobody

This is the strongest argument to go all-in for Bitcoin — even when the price is nosediving

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From march 2020, almost for a year now, billions of people around the globe have experienced what it means when their solid economic ground is swept right under their feet.

Normally, only people in kleptocracies, dictatorships and culprit managed countries like Argentina experience this. Nations where pensions get seized overnight. Where hyperinflation is business as usual.

Now, it seems the rest of the world’s turn in history to experience a financial and economic earthquake.

A possible coming stock market nosedive might make 1929, the great depression and 2008 together look like a walk in the park.

Teaser: March is historically Stock crash month.

The global lockdowns for billions of people offered an amazing opportunity to literally move inwards and a sea of time for self-development. But what about your personal finance, where will that develop after the pending great Reset?

Global basic income? Seizing of Private Wealth? Be happy while owning nothing?

Nobody knows.

Any control over your income and financial stability might be swept away in a fort-nite when the powers running this world decide so.

It’s time to move towards something that you, and you alone, control: Bitcoin.

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