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Bitcoin — The Only Way Up From Here?

These indicators say we flipped back to bullish

Photo by Iyan Kurnia on Unsplash

Yes. Hope is back. Bitcoin’s price crawled out of the dark $30k abyss. All engines run for a final all-time high attempt, later this year.

Not an unlikely scenario.

Market sentiment definitely shifted, powered by Amazon.

Again, FUD from an ultra-tech giant did put the necessary pepper in Bitcoin’s butt. Thank you, Amazon.

The this is what we’ll have been waiting for moment actually did happen July 26th.

But is it?

We’ve seen the sneaky bull trap before, luring the inexperienced growing army of Bitcoin holders and rooky traders into selling everything to buy the dip.


And then it crashed again.

I am going to reveal three indicators that point in the direction of strong fundamentals build-up to push price back over $65K.

Here are 3 bullish indicators, and one bearish one>>>

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