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Bitcoin Will Pop — The Question is When

Here is the reality check you don’t like to see

Photo by Karina Miranda on Unsplash

Did you buy some Bitcoin along its way to the stars? Congratulation. You’ll be rich soon if you’re not loaded already.

Or you may lose it all tomorrow.

Since Bitcoin, our economy, the current money system, is a zero-sum game. Meaning, in the end, we will all lose when we keep on going like this.

Now you probably think; Shut up, let me celebrate the latest parabolic erection of the flagship currency or the world.

And you’d be totally right. You are, in this short moment in time, the winner of the market. You got it all right, hopped in at the right moment, followed your friend’s advice.

Now here is my advice, not financial advice.

When you bought Bitcoin over $20.000,- chances are you will lose your money rather sooner than later. O yeah, the party might last a little longer, you might buy some more at $35k and watch some more moon boys YouTube videos.

Here is the reality check you don’t like to see.

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Lucien Lecarme



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Lucien Lecarme

Lucien Lecarme

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