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Canada and Ukraine Prove that Bitcoin is Freedom Money

These 3 elements make Bitcoin the only true safe haven currency

Photo by Hanna Zhyhar on Unsplash

Only 2 weeks ago Bitcoin received its usual condemnation from legacy financial systems owning the news and thus the narrative.

It happened in Canada after the freedom convoy truckers were framed as right-wing terrorists holding unacceptable views. They had the audacity, after GoFundMe literally stole their money, to refer to the last option available for the people, Bitcoin and Crypto.

These events pushed Canada into a state of emergency so unprecedented that even a bank account of a single mom that donated $50 got suspended. All at the whim of the all-seeing leader, Trudeau. This suspected son of communist Fidel Castro proudly announced 34 crypto accounts were blocked in his holy war against terrorist truckers.

Now we have a real war in Ukraine and the narrative seemed to have flipped completely in favour of Bitcoin. The nation of Ukraine openly asked the world to support their citizens in need with Bitcoin, ETH and USDT.

This is all amazing free PA for Bitcoin. Although nothing is really a benefit over the backs of innocent civilians dying.

Still, Canada and Ukraine show irrefutably that Bitcoin is freedom money, not giving a shit about the cause nor political preference.

Here is why>>>

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