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Coinbase Goes Defi and Promises no Fees, Lockups, or Set-Up Hassle

Why I rather stick to decentralized Pancakeswap

The light when on in Coinbase’s Headquarters.

Defi is the future of finance. We can’t miss the golden boat.

Coinbase announced staking crypto is possible in 70 countries, earning DAI. The beaten dog is, again, the U.S. No Coinbase staking in the land of the dream.

Coinbase promises “No fees, lockups, or set-up hassle”. That’s just what you and I need. No high profit sucking middlemen fees. No hassle.

All crypto sitting on an exchange is not your money.

In these uncertain times, I advise going all decentralized. To avoid set up hassle, I created this Ecourse.

But lets dive in for a moment what Coinbase has to offer, so you can make your own autonomous choice of how you make passive income with your crypto.

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