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Create Your First NFT, Story or New Brand on BitClout

How to get started on the Bitcoin of content to tokenize your reputation

My first NFT on BitClout; Dutch Sunset, make a bid here

I just minted my first NFT on BitClout. I feel like Hal Finney receiving the first Bitcoin transaction ever back in 2009.

It’s exciting, smooth and it took less time than baking an egg.

I felt upgrading myself to the future.

BitClout moves forward where older decentralized content platforms halted or became centralized, asking gatekeepers fees.

It’s an open-source cryptocurrency project and social media platform in one where users can buy and sell “creator coins” based on people’s reputations.

Quality x Value x Marketing = {yourtoken}Price

You can reshuffle this any way you like.

In other words, when I deliver enough high-quality content, and thus bring value, and get myself out there, this will determine my price on the platform. I will become my own coin.

Read that again, the last part.

The other element that will determine my value is the price of the native token, #Clout is $86,- as a write this.

You literally can invest in me, and my creative future! Or any content creator that joined the party. You’ll receive a royalty on any NFT I sell. The other fun part is that many celebrities joined. And third, you’re super early to the party.

Reserve your brand name now.

This is how you start, how to make your NFT and why BitClout might become the Bitcoin of content>>>

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