Crypto is Making Hysterical Profits —The Final Rise Before the Fall?

Enjoy your wealth while you can — The elites have other plans

Lucien Lecarme
May 8 · 8 min read
Photo by Kevin Olson on Unsplash

This year's exuberant Bitcoin and Alt Bull market reminds me of the Roman empire having its orgies of wealth.

It was their ultimate rise and showing off. Then the empire fell.

Every civilization in history has collapsed under its weak points. Often greed, corruption and power abuse.

I write about Bitcoin & Crypto wishing to make readers aware of the pending transformation of money. I came to this space for the revolution of money.

Nothing less.

Making some bucks with that gives me deep satisfaction. Medium just mailed me a $500,- bonus check as an appreciation of my efforts. That gives me more gratification than staring at my phone all day to see how much my portfolio gained.

Getting more money while doing nothing while I see the world going bunkers and collapsing doesn’t fulfill me on a deeper level.

Think deep about this question;

When Crypto is the revolution of money, in what currency you believe you will be able to express your wealth after a great intended reset?

Put in another way. When the elites will reboot the economy and make other agreements around the exchange of value, do you really believe they will include the anarchistic tech revolution of a truly decentralized Bitcoin and trustless blockchain driving this?

I don’t think so.

In fact, you may lose all of your wealth soon. We are in the end phase of Capitalism.

I do believe, when the going gets tough, decentralized tech & Bitcoin will push the real revolution of money forward. But for now, it's hijacked by the same mechanisms that its founder Nakamoto designed to defeat.

Here are my thoughts around the endgame of our old money and the conditions for the revolutionary rise of the new.

The end of capitalism is nearing

You probably know the saying; follow the money and you’ll end up at the root of most problems in this world.

I go one step further; money as in our current agreement is the problem. The way it's designed, the common agreement Capitalism made around it, and the spell the creators enchanted it with.

I love to zoom out. Makes me see the big picture. This is what I see happen at the moment:

We are in the end phase of Capitalism

That doesn’t make me a Socialist, Marxist nor Communist. We need to grow out of those labels too. Hopefully, it makes me a realist.

Don’t you agree that it's a bit weird to hear Klaus Schwab speak about a basic world income? You will feel happy soon while owning nothing.

Do you really pay enough attention when our world technocrat and financial leaders speak about taking away your wealth? Are they revealing their nefarious plans?

In fact, it might not be a doom & gloom scenario. But it will be all about power and control.

The amount of money you own won’t matter when the Magicians of money change the agreement around it introducing their Global Crypto of Control

Bitcoin and its Alt friends are, at its core, designed as a peer to peer new digital money agreement for the people.

Not to control all of us, but to set us free.

The crypto revolution is hijacked by the old system

This setting free won't work when only a small portion of people on earth, 1,3%, owns crypto. See where I’m going?

Crypto is mirroring the old system. The pyramids in the Crypto world are even steeper and the money must create more money paradigm is stronger.

That’s, in essence, what a Bitcoin bull run and this Alt season are. An almost exact copy of what the financial markets are doing.

The financial markets are the cancer cells on this planet.

They are destroying everything that has real value, that brings us, humans, together. It exploits the commons, makes us cut the last trees on earth, commoditizes water, maybe air and even sun for the super-rich in a near future.

When money comes with interest-bearing debt, it always has to make more of it. This is why we need to compete with each other over things that used to be of the commons, for free.

Capitalism makes us wrap a package around the earth, freedom, and even Love, and sells it back to us

This has a price.

We are increasingly feeling that price. Humanity has been hollowed out. Our earth is dying under our very feet, our freedoms are being taken away and we can buy it back with a jab in the arm.

Photo by Koushik Chowdavarapu on Unsplash

Financial markets are the cancer cells of capitalism

Financial markets are the kernels of Capitalism. The bees nest.

Here, the concentration of extraction works at a mind-blowing speed. Especially after the money has been made digital. The magicians now only need one push on a button.

We’re are witnessing the biggest wealth transfer in human history under our eyes.

Financial markets are an abstract world created for the sole purpose to extract wealth from this earth. To shovel it up the pyramid. Externalizing the waste and the harm in the hands of normal folks, taxpayers.

The elites are feasting on the carcasses of a death economy, sucking out its last life force, vampire on consumers life energy by the money-for-debt system they created.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have been designed to turn around this pyramid. Instead, they seem to have become another concentration of accumulation of wealth.

According to Glassnode, 38,3% of Bitcoin wallets own 7.13 million Bitcoins. That’s over one third owning one-third of the total supply. Mind you that 20% of Bitcoins went missing forever. This means 42% is left for the rest of humanity, a minority.

The New agreement on money — The tokenization of the gift

Let’s do a thought experiment for a moment. Imagine you live in a community with like-minded peers. Everybody is bringing their gift, talent, work. A token is the agreement for exchange, nobody can push a button and make more of it. There are no middlemen to extract wealth.

Now, when you have enough tokens to feed yourself and your family, you simply give the rest away. Also, you cant hoard these tokens to make more of them. You’ll always have exactly what you need. And feel very happy indeed.

These are economic gifting and sharing principles. They make production, consumption and re-use circular. The idea is that we are gifted life, we are here just for a short while, we don’t need to own anything. In fact, giving makes us more human.

Money will be expressed in gifting attention, helping the old people in the community, cleaning the forest listening with your heart, yes, even hugs.

Be happy while owning nothing?

Does this mean Davos is right? Do our world leaders suddenly turned into spiritual planet savers? Economic Yogi’s that bear the best interest for the people? For the unbanked, the 25.000 dying children in a day of sheer hunger?

Are they now suddenly turning against the very same system that made them who and where they are? That put them in the most powerful places on earth in a scheme exploiting all and everything on its way, until nothing is left and the only option is, indeed, a great reset?

Does this mean, when they say that you’ll own nothing and get your basic income, they will set the example? Do they end hunger by gifting just 1% of their collective billionaire's wealth?

Generously, for the sake of humanity? That’s what real-world leaders would do.

Of course, they don’t.

Einstein said is already, you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it in the first place.

You can’t put the design of a new system in the hands of the people that are happy while owning everything.

It’s about trust really.

Trust has been eroded to the core — No sustainable UN plans can buy that back

We simply can’t trust these people anymore. That trust has been abused into the core of humanity. They are the wolf in sheep clothes leading the sheep to the slaughter.

They use spiritual language to make us buy in their corrupted stories about sustainability. Would you trust your child to sit on the lap of Klaus Schwab? Put our Children’s future in the loving and caring hands of the grandfathers of our new totalitarian economic system of digital control?

Reset. Go to the next level. Just continue what you did, but even less human when the digital layer of control is set in place.

It's all about power. It's not about these people really. Replace the Schmidt’s and Schwab’s and some new sociopaths will be happy to replace them in a sec.

A new story

It's about a new vision, a new dream, a new story. This story arises bottom up. From the people for the people. The language of the new paradigm is decentralized.

What you can do?

Feel deep inside what is sacred to you. Make that the center of your efforts on this planet. A buoy of light where you swim towards to.

Once you realize your power, it's game over. Schmidt & Co won’t even make it till their great reset. It will be our reset. It’s called awakening.

The ground-up reset of our minds and hearts will embody a new culture of sense-making. Collective hubs of clean information driving wholesome eco-systems of governance and decision making for thriving distributed communities, the new commons.

Michelangelo’s David of the 21st century is an awakened human being, its own nation, where your core values will be the new tokenized money

Do everything within your power to become that David.

We need technology that will drive this cultural renaissance, this revolution of inclusion.Not one to drive us apart. The design of our new civilization must be trustless. Humanity can’t allow itself another centralized power abuse F*CK up anymore.

Its time. There is urgency. It's time to wake up collectively. It's time to start giving back.

Lucien Lecarme

Join my growing crypto tribe and let’s co-create this new story together

Spirit of Crypto

Where Technology Meets Spirituality

Lucien Lecarme

Written by

Writing inspiring stories to empower you to live a passionate and financial abundant life. Initiator of The Spirit of Crypto pub.

Spirit of Crypto

Where Technology Meets Spirituality

Lucien Lecarme

Written by

Writing inspiring stories to empower you to live a passionate and financial abundant life. Initiator of The Spirit of Crypto pub.

Spirit of Crypto

Where Technology Meets Spirituality

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