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Cuba Adopts Bitcoin — The World is Witnessing a Silent Money Disruption

Why still many can’t see what’s happening

Photo by hannah cauhepe on Unsplash

Cuba is the next Che Guevara country adopting Bitcoin as a real option for exchange, backed up by banks and the Government.

The invisible disruption of fiat money goes on. And on.

Many can’t see it, even when it happens under their noses.

Bitcoin pushed the complete Crypto market-cap over 2 trillion again last week. Rebel countries are adopting the flagship currency. Bitcoin is approaching $50.000,-, after hitting the target last week.

I could stop here.

Still, I am going to debunk the following believes about Bitcoin these observers have.

  • The crypto revolution is almost dead, captured by the old elite money system or otherwise soon be stopped by the iron fist of fiat.
  • Wall Street regulators and governments will halt the golden dream of Bitboys with fierce regulation and prison sentences

First of all, sorry guys, there are also girls involved in this revolution. Secondly, you are missing some of the main strengths, the core value, the epic disruptive elements of Bitcoin.

I can’t write enough about it, since, as a Crypto educator, it’s my task. And by doing so I hope to give newbies the trust, facts, and believe that will make them ride out the movement of decentralization till the end.

Here’s what’s happening and how I debunk the censor and regulate arguments>>>

Thank you for following spirit of crypto



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