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How Bitcoin & Blockchain can be the Change in the World You Like to See

The real future value of Bitcoin beyond it’s shocking price

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Because of the epic rise of Bitcoin’s price in the last 3 months, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies broke through to the masses.

And this time the hype won’t end when the price will correct.

10% Of Americans own Bitcoin now. Still, worldwide, there are only 100 million people owning some Satoshi’s or Bitcoin, 1,3% of the world population. There’s much more room for growth and adoption there.

A big part of this adoption is about trust. And wanting real change in a world that is going to the shredder.

Millions on the planet start to trust Bitcoin more than their bank. Not surprisingly when you consider banks ask you to pay rent to store your millions in their vaults.

This says a lot about the current value of our money. It’s below zero.

It’s a monopoly gaming paper. It’s printed forever. It has no bottom. It serves only the makers. it is killing our planet. It will be used to control you completely. It’s a system coming to an end. It is an idea that had it’s time.

The only reason Bitcoin’s value is rising by the minute, is that Bitcoin is a hedge against exactly everything that isn’t working any longer in the old monetary system

Do you still trust the current economic system? Your Government? Do you really trust the intentions of our centralized leaders? Will you be happy while owning nothing after the pending great reset?

Read further to understand how buying Bitcoin and educating yourself makes you part of a movement that is the answer to most problems coming from centralized corruption, power abuse and financial parasitical behaviour.

This is how>>>



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