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How Decentralized Art will Change the Concept of Ownership

And how NFT’s are doing the opposite

Photo by Timon Klauser on Unsplash

The core idea of a creative patent, artistic ownership, copyright and loyalties, is based on the illusion that your brilliant idea is yours.

It’s not.

It’s the result of thousands of writers, artists, philosophers and scientists doing research, inventions and creative work before you.

When you look at the collective creative commons, your thought, your idea and artwork is just a nanoparticle of the nail of your finger.

The whole finger is the complete work of collective human art. The result of our immense endeavour to understand the world, comment on it and express it in beauty.

This started with the birth of Western civilization, the old Greeks, and all indigenous wisdom before that era. Recorded in rock art and symbols. Passed on in language, stories and books.

The core concept of everything I am going to show you from here is the benefit of the transparency of knowledge. An open-sourced library of the totality of humanity.

Three things stand in the way; The concept of Ownership, the hijack of centralization and the single point of failure.

My vision for the future is that we will slowly let go of ownership, moving into radical transparency, and art will play a crucial role. Along with exponential harvesting of data, I.O.T and evolving green blockchain tech, but for the commons. I” ll also explain how we can evolve out of the single point of failure.

Towards your creative brain on Blockchain.

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