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How Putting Trees on a Blockchain Can help Save the Planet

Bitcoin will not change the world — These purpose-driven tokens will do the job

Photo by Jason Ortego on Unsplash

Do you ever wonder how this magical new technology, the Blockchain, can do something green, sustainable and regenerative for this planet?

It can, but now I am getting ahead of myself.

Way, way, way too much attention goes out to the price of Bitcoin while in 30 years, the Amazon is a wasteland when we don’t act now.

What’s the fun when coral reefs are gone in 10 years, together with 90% of all insects? And Oeps… We, humans, will be gone then soon. We need insects to survive.

Awareness or purpose-driven tokens bring real value on this earth out of balance.

Why not spend 10% of your portfolio in doing good projects? I am gonna convince you that you should. In a mild way.

Here is what you need to know>>>

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