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How Tech Became Cheap Heroine for the Masses

This is how you can solve your screen addiction

Modern Tech like A.I driven Social Media made us more alone than anything else in our human social history.

There’s simply nothing social about it.

It created massive addiction. It left a whole generation more anxious and more depressed. Glued on screens like flies on a dirty wall.

A team of app programmers and psychologists in basements in Silicon Valley managed to get the majority of the world population hooked on screens.

By showing compelling, shocking and traumatizing content. Tailor-made for each user. All over the world. From Manila to Amsterdam.

This is how our story of culture, of separation, has been transformed through emerging technology into a worldwide disaster: Massive screen addiction, collective numbing out and the creation of a useless class high on chemical happiness.

Just like Aldous Huxley predicted back in 1953 in his book ‘Brave New World.

This is what to do about it>>>

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