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How to Get Rich With Worthless ALT-Coins

The 2021 pump & dump beginners guide


I should have chained myself to the pirate boat last year, and make a 48.000% profit on Pirate Chain coin.

That’s turning $100,- into $48.000,-

No time for FOMO here.

We are still in the early mainstream adoption phase. Still many gems to discover, support, and leave the ship when the harbor of wealth has been reached.

Since that’s the name of the game at the moment. Find the gem, ride the pump, abord the ship on time.

People are making shiploads of money, especially when Bitcoin is taking a rest in a quiet bay, lowers the anchor and dominance takes a dip in the clear blue waters.

Then it’s time for the Alts to come and play.

This is about how to get filthy rich with seriously worthless AltCoins.

A pump and dump beginners guide. The updated 2021 version explaining how this mechanism exactly works with some sound advice at the end.

Let’s play>>>

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