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This is an email from Where Spirituality meets Technology, a newsletter by Spirit of Crypto.

I’ve been Nominated Best Storyteller on Hackernoon

Vote me up, Scottie

After five years of crypto writing, I’m harvesting rewards from the internet tree.

All because of you, my readers. I can’t be more grateful to be on this journey together.

Full warp ahead”, Hackernoon mailed me. I opened the email, to find that I am nominated for no less than three categories. (click links to vote now)

I read and write Books and I work on climate change, but I definitely am a storyteller.

This category is closest to my heart

Here is a summary of an interview I did with Hackernoon>>>

It’s about my values, my passion and where I see us going, all tech related, of course.

Thank you for following Spirit of Crypto



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