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Make Passive Income with Your Crypto and get 50% Off

My E-course is ready

Dear Friends,

This is a very ordinary Email to sell my first Ecourse on how to make passive income with Pancakeswap. ( I’ve been waiting years to write a line like this)

Don’t shoot me right here.

I would never ask some of your very, very precious time when there’s not a solid value exchange.

Let’s dive right into the value. With my course, you

  • Put your crypto to work on the biggest Decentralized Finance platform, Pancakeswap
  • Get a Step-by-Step set up with screenshots
  • Start Farming and make profits within an hour
  • Gain 2,5%-10%, also with minimal investment
  • Add ALT-coins, choose the risk that fits you
  • Learn what Proof of Stake Blockchain is
  • Start making money while you sleep

My main goal is to make your life better and easier. Here’s where I’m coming from,(or, what drove me to make this course)

From my personal story, that of addiction and losing 3 Bitcoins, I’ve learned the hard way to start saving with my Crypto. Slow.

So forget about getting-rich-quick.

This is what this course is not about. It’s for relative crypto beginners, that have both feet firm on the ground, and love to explore the world of Defi. Using Pancakeswap. Low risk. It’s a step-by-step guide.

I’ve set up a discount for you, that will last a week till after Xmass. 50% on $99,- makes $49,- for a course that can change your financial life in the long run. You can make the $49,- back in no time. (Ai, another sleazy line, I love it)

Check it out here>>>

And give me feedback, If this is not the course for you, what would help you in crypto? Or in Life? I am planning to help especially men with addiction issues.

Throw it back to me like a frisbee.

Lucien Lecarme



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