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No, CRISPR Tech Isn’t 100% Safe — In Fact, it Can Wipe out Humanity

The threat of exponentially growing tech explained

Photo by Bruno Guerrero on Unsplash

Our modern Dr Frankenstein has been released from Prison.

Back in 2019, the Chinese scientist He Jiankui got sentenced to 3 years after secretly creating the first gene-edited humans on earth.

They’re called designer babies.

His experiment was widely condemned in the bio-hacking science world. Jiankui used the relative novel CRISPR tech to cut-paste part of a string of DNA to prevent the children from having HIV.

I believe the babies are doing well. Thank God.

The release of He Jiankui is the reason for Chinese bio-ethicists to call on the Government to set up a research centre dedicated to ensuring the well-being of these gene-edited children.

Others are worried about the privacy infringement this would cause.

Why did nobody think of this before the experiment? Does this uncontrolled experiment show that exponential growing tech like CRISPR is deadly dangerous for humanity? And what about other novel science like M-RNA gene editing?

These are the dangers of exponentially growing tech that nobody thinks or seems to care about>>>

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