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Radioshack Discovers a Huge Niche in Crypto — BabyBoomers

Their Defi product targets 68-year-olds that like comfort, not speculation

Photo by Foto Sushi on Unsplash

Hundred-year-old brand Radioshack has set on a mission to bridge the gap between mainstream usage and Defi.

Radioshack is a pioneer in technology. Back in 1977, the brand created its own computer, the TRS-80, and sold 200.000. That’s 8 years before commodore took over selling 17 million of their commodore 64. The brand was known as Tandy in Europe.

Radioshack is determined to disrupt the complete crypto market by solving a massive pain point: There generational gap between the average crypto buyer and the average business decision-maker.

We will be the bridge between the CEO’s who lead the world’s corporations and the new world of cryptocurrencies — Radioshack website

How is Radioshack, singlehandedly, going to diminish this demographic difference and be the brand that will go in history for sparking mass crypto adoption?

They came up with a single token swap.

Wait, don’t leave. Let me explain.

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best>>

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