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Retail Strikes Back — Is GameStop the Beginning of the End of Wall street?

How #Silversqueeze might kill JP Morgan and the financial system with it

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come — Victor Hugo

In case you didn’t notice, something epic is going on in the financial arena.

A modern 2021 David v.s Goliath clash, where the latter is the financial establishment, and David are 7 million angry retail Redditors uniting their financial force to short squeeze Goliath to its knees.

In the wake of this battle, when the dust settled, some of the biggest Hedge Funds have been knocked out. Robinhood is demasked as being the modern version of giving money to the poor when they allowed only 5 shares per costumer. Facebook and Google are trying frantically to censor everything under the ‘for your protection’ carpet.

It might be too late, and the next target is silver.

#Silversqueeze is trending. This one has the potential to cast the decentralized sword of the masses deep into the heart of how big money successfully shorts silver to hide mass inflation.

New unpredictable forces slash hammer cracks in consensus financial reality with no less than game-changing consequences. The financial markets are shaking on their foundations. Not in a thousand years they saw this one coming.

For me, this story shows the comeback of the decentralized power of the internet. The one thing it was created for. But that’s just one of the factors. There’s more, much more.

Hedge funds being defeated by their own weapons? Not impossible in 2021. And GameStop might be just the beginning.

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