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The 5 Main Reasons You are Losing Money with Crypto

And one solution

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Did your ship of crypto just crash on the hard rocks of the recent correction?

Witnessing your crypto portfolio tank 55% is like eating Scottish stew with your hands while you expected French cheesecake with cherries on top and a golden fork.

Like all those others were eating in 2021.

It’s not for beginners.

And yet, Crypto, after its epic 2021 bull market and blooming all season, has been flooded by new wallet holders lately.

Last year January 2021 the 100 million threshold was taken. Followed by 228 million wallet owners in July. And it didn’t stop there — by December 21, there were 295 million people globally who owned cryptocurrencies. The prediction is 1 billion by the end of this year.

When you’re a relative cryptostarter and you get stressed out by cardiac arrest red Bitcoin candles. Or when you have the habit of selling the dip and buying the top, you’re not alone.

Maybe you don’t even trade. You just followed some friends advice to get rich quick. But in reality, you got poor fast.

Hold on. I’ve got some medicine for you.

Learn to stop wasting your precious time and money and become a crypto insider instead>>>

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