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The Crypto Exodus — This is What You Need to Know

Will stable coins drop next? — It already happened

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Until very recently, A $2 trillion market cap followed the messiah of money, Bitcoin, towards the promised land of the financial unchained.

Millions saw the exit to economic freedom embodied by Bitcoin & Co shine like a bright star above their destinies while climbing mount when-moon.

Until everything changed last week.

The exodus of crypto. It has begun.

Back into Gold, Silver and cash in grandmother’s sock under the bed. Millions selling their bags, returning heads down- empty pockets, to the Jerusalem of money: Fiat.

They are the disbelievers. Led by fear.

Rest assured, Bitcoin will proceed on its journey to fulfill its legacy of digital gold. Even when it needs to travel alone through a hostile desert.

It’s only a matter of belief now. As it always has been. True followers know this.


This is what you need to know about the current exodus of Crypto and the crucial role of stable coins>>>

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