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This is The Technology that Makes Your Life Much Easier

Time to celebrate the tech that makes us thrive

Photo by LexScope on Unsplash

Recently, I realized I love most of the tech I use.

Yet, I burn big tech in most of my articles. I fry Facebook like rotten tomatoes and burn Google at the stake.

Besides the freaking frightful 5 posing a huge tech totalitarian threat to humanity, most of their products make life easier.

Recently, I bought a Mac book Air after enjoying my ASUS for no less than 12 years. The keyboard is worn out: I spilt hot tea over her twice. The touchscreen has 50 shades of grey. But hey, Intel 7i is still running fast.

Where would we be without laptops, Iphones and Apps? Or Linus chips driving most of our day-to-day electronic devices?

The better question to ask might be: Where is enough? What should remain human driven?

I’m not going on an ethical rand.

Here’s a celebration of the tech we use daily>>>

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