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What the Hack are Cryptocurrencies?

A starter’s guide for the 96.1% of humanity that doesn’t own crypto

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Going back to basics is great for Crypto newcomers. And also for when you wander around in the cryptoforest and lost the plot.

Let me guide you home.

Here are some definitions of Cryptocurrency.

  • Crypto expresses the value of a specific blockchain it represents
  • Crypto is digital money, or, according to Wikipedia, a collection of binary data which is designed to work as a medium of exchange
  • Crypto is a big bubble and Crypto is the future

I didn’t even start talking about Bitcoin, which is also a Cryptocurrency.

When you operate directly within the world of Cryptocurrencies, it seems there’s nothing else and people can get pretty religious about the subject.

As Crypto Educator it’s my passion to go back to basics continuously, explaining this magical world to newcomers and people that got stuck in the complexity of today’s digital world.

Check out the basics here>>>

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