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Why Bitcoin is a Green Coin

Green Car Prophet Elon Musk Isn’t Crazy — This is how Bitcoin will Pay Back it’s Investment

First, there was the computer. Then came the internet, and with the two came databases. You can’t see them, but they run our lives.

The Internet is a futuristic highway with interconnected databases. Banks use databases to track our money, Facebook stores your cat videos in databases, your grandmother might even know how to use an excel sheet.

And then came Blockchain technology.

This innovative technology will build further where the database development stopped. Internet connections speeded up, computer brainpower became faster and faster as we opened the door of AI and Quantum computing.

There seems to be one major problem. The blocks consume a lot of energy. Every block created every 10 minutes in the Bitcoin network for a year tops the annual energy consumption of, for example, Argentina.

This is what environmentalists don’t like about Bitcoin. And other people too. How can a bunch of validating blocks mining Bitcoins be more important than saving our planet?

Why did environmental progress-oriented Tesla buy $1,5B worth of Bitcoin? How can this decentralized digital ledger ever pay back its investment?

This is how>>>

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