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Why Bitcoin Won’t Die, Isn’t a Scam or only a Big-Money Game

Debunking the arguments of critics and non-believers

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It’s easy to shoot down Bitcoin since it will never shoot back. As a Bitcoin evangelist since 2017, I once and so often do feel the need to defend the flagship cryptocurrency.


Not to convince anybody, ridicule fellow writers or doubt their intellectual capacity. All of these writers I highly respect, follow and I learn from their content.

It’s simple. It’s for the sake of the argument.

Disclosure: Since bitcoin is also a believe, it’s easy to fall into the Bitcoin believers trap and lose oneself in unbiased praise beyond critical voice. I did this many times.

And learned.

I simply love to give you some arguments why Bitcoin isn’t a scam, is not dead already and why its high value isn’t a failure.

Bitcoin has been declared death now for the 427th time. Yes, there is a website counting Bitcoin Obituaries. It’s a phenomenon in itself. This fact alone should keep people from writing that bitcoin is dead, will die, is a scam, a Ponzi scheme and other possible clickbait.

Bitcoin is alive and kicking. Here is why>>>

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