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Why it’s Impossible to Shut Down Bitcoin

You can’t delete humanities next evolution — but here is how you can try

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Bitcoin is an idea whose time has come

Having sleepless nights over your Bitcoin being confiscated by Putin?

Will Joe Biden, Xi Jinping or our Big Tech overlords simply seize Bitcoin and leave all believers, maximalists, libertarians, cypherpunks and Nakamoto himself stand in their underwear?

For the sake of simplicity, I discern 2 ways to bring down Bitcoin.

The first way is the global power shortage. The fuse pop of the century, the Armageddon of electric earth. No Electricity, No internet, No validations of transactions. The End of Bitcoin?

The second way is a 51% attack. An entity money-powerful enough buys the majority of Bitcoin’s hash-rate and forces a double spend. The worst nightmare of the truly decentralized internet currency.

I’ll go over these 2 scenarios, giving most attention to the 51% attack. I’ll transform the technical language needed to understand this 51% scenario into digestible blocks for non-tech people.

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