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Why Now is The Time to Put Your (Last) Money in Bitcoin

Our economy hit the iceberg, your lifeboat is ready

Dear Friends,

You didn’t hear from me for a while writing about Bitcoin and Crypto. As all of you, I was affected by the Corona Crisis and had to adjust to the new situation.

But I am back full steam ahead with this article: Why Now is The Time to Put Your Last Money in Bitcoin

The real exciting times concerning the possible reshaping of your economy have started. What will Bitcoin’s role be in all of this?

Bitcoin can proof now more than ever it is the safehaven currency we need. The digital internet money that will never be corrupted by the pyramidical systems that we see collapse now right under our very eyes

Sit back and enjoy the show. You have enough time anyways. Grab your popcorn and have a look at The Titanic Economy as we knew it go down.

This will all lead to something far more sustainable and responsible, I am 100% sure. It will be a rough ride and when you are experiencing financial troubles at this moment, stay calm and do not try to worry too much. This is how you can manage: How to Stop Worrying About Money in These Very Difficult Times

You know that the lifeboat is ready, it is orange and it is called Bitcoin.

Here is why it is a good idea to take your seat now.

Enjoy your safe journey towards freedom,




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