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Why the Poor will Save the World

Everybody’s talking Crypto — Guess who’s really making the change?

Lucien Lecarme
Jun 8 · 1 min read
Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma'aji on Unsplash

While the economic giants are preparing their state-run Crypto, the small dwarfs are going the opposite direction, announcing Bitcoin as legal tender, inviting crypto entrepreneurs with life long residency and zero tax promises on crypto earnings.

The Puerto Rico free Crypto state model, once incentivized by billionaire tree hugger Brock Pierce, is popping up left, right and centre, in real countries.

Too good to be true?

San Salvador just had its world premiere, and more will follow suit.

The reason might be Covid, blowing a hole in the worldwide remittance economy when workers are forced to stay at home and the world went into crisis.

The better reason might be Bitcoin itself.

While the Western Crypto happy few are partying in Miami’s Bitcoin 2021 like it’s 1991, they completely forget Bitcoin’s raison d’étre is to support the unbanked, to undermine any corrupt hyperinflationary fiat regime, and to give power to the people.

Here is how and why the poor will save the world>>>

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