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Why the Totalitarian Control State Will Fail

We’re holding space for a bunch of fearful people trying to fight love

Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

For decades, the trade-off that father state sells citizens is; increasing safety & protection for the enemy = decrease of your freedom

In this equation, total safety means zero freedom.

In other words, when you give all your freedoms away and be surveillanced up your A**, you’ll be completely safe.

It’s like being in prison. They’re you supposed to be safe for the mean world out there.

This also means you have no more life left.

Corporations own you.

You have become a slave and wish you lived in Roman times where at least you could fight other slaves in the Colosseum.

This is why the totalitarian coup that the globalist elites are executing with their long-awaited layer of absolute digital control won’t work>>>

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