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You Think you Missed the Bitcoin Boat? — No, You’re Still Early to the party

How the early adoption phase in new technology saves your ass

Photo by Alasdair Elmes on Unsplash

Bitcoin is back in hype land again. Not surprisingly, after gaining 20 to 30% of its price week after week.

The price of Bitcoin has a breather now, after hitting a $60K glass ceiling. This will give you some time to examine a feeling that you might have.

The unpleasant anxiety to have missed the Bitcoin Moon Shot.

You missed the smart people cruise getting in at $20K. You find yourself standing on the quay, waving your friends goodbye towards crypto millionaires island, sipping a Bitcoin Bay Breeze while watching a golden Sun Set.

Let me wake you up from this illusion.

Understanding the early adoption advantage makes you realize you’re not too late to the Bitcoin party

We are still early, there is another Cruisehip ready for you just around the corner. The ship is called; The Early Adopters Advantage. You can still be part of this gang, even for $20K.

Let me explain to you why and how here>>>

Thank you for joining my crypto tribe



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