N0.252 BUS

It was a dark and cold night in Beijing and I took the №252 bus back home.

It was 11.00 PM and there were only 3 people in the back of the bus, An old lay, a young girl and me.

The bus was very slowly that day and something terrible happened. The bus broke down and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere. After about 3 hours, a guy showed up in the road and approached our bus secretly.

“ did you see that man” the old lady said to me softly.

“ yeah, what’s he doing in the middle night?”

“It’s kind of creepy and check out his ragged clothes, so dirty and disturbing “ the young girl said.

“ He is not alone and some one is behind him.” the old lady interrupted us.

“ They are coming! “ The girl screamed

“ Calm down and don’t panic” The driver turned round and told us to be quiet.

“ Open the door” They shouted outside the bus.

“ The bus broke down and we are waiting for the rescue.” The driver said

“ I see, but can we wait on the bus “ the taller guy said.

“ Ok, sure. “ The driver had to say yes.

They were very quiet on the bus but all of us noticed that they looked so different from us. They wore silk clothes but their faces looked like vampires, pale and grey.

“ I want to go home and my family will worry about me. “ The lady said.

“ Lady,It’s middle night and you can not walk back home alone. The rescue will come in any min and Can’t you just wait?” The driver said.

“ No, I need to take a fresh breath outside.”

“ Ok, lady, you should be careful. “ The driver said and opened the door.

But, she didn’t leave and turned to me.

“ Can you two lovely young people walk me home?” The old lady said politely.

“ No, It’s too late for me” The girl said angry.

The two guys were staring at us and their eyeballs looked so horrifying.

I looked down and found out they didn’t wear any shoes. Their pants were very long and I couldn’t see their feet either.

“ I will walk you home” I said.

“ What a nice young people” The lady said happily.

“ can you go with us? I can walk you both home “ I said to the girl.

“ No, I won’t and i would rather stay here than go out with you guys. It’s too dark and cold outside.” The girl declined.

As the lady and me passed by the two strange people, I can even smell something like a rotting corpse or a dead body.

“ Did you know why I asked you to walk me home, young man” the lady said.

“ I didn’t know”

“ Did you see their feet or legs?”

“ I didn’t see their feet and their pants are so long.” I said.

“ That’s because they didn’t have legs. “ The lady said.

I didn’t believed what she said but I managed to walk her home.

After a week, I stumbled to a post “ №252 bus felling off cliff and two dead bodies found in the bus.” on sina.com ( A major Chinese media website )

I quickly read through the post and It did happened on that night. The police thought It was an accident but the problem is that where the strange people were gone.