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It’s unhealthy in a democracy for the media, including radio, to be dominated by one or two religious voices, as if they are the only ones that exist and no other faith community or point of view matters. If the religion/spirituality section of a bookstore was like the radio airwaves are in most places, only one or two books would be found there. The shelves would be mostly bare, covered in dust. No longer being content with the empty silence I began recording my own programs.

Donations: Spiritual Awakening Radio is a voice of many voices that otherwise would not be heard in the narrow and predictably shallow world of radio. Support by you, the friends of Spiritual Awakening Radio, is what allows this unique program to exist and keeps it on the air. To make a contribution, please click the Donate Button on this page:

Mission Statement: ‘There’s not just one religion — there are thousands. After years of being concerned that too few voices, too few points of view were getting heard when it comes to spiritual paths and world religions — that the radio airwaves were not reflecting the diversity that really exists — I started producing my own programs, exploring the world of spirituality, comparative religion, meditation, mysticism, vegetarianism, the vegan diet, and books, bringing to the airwaves the gentle voices of Saints, the Wisdom of Masters or Mystics, world scriptures, sacred texts, the great spiritual traditions and classics of the East & the West.’

All for the love of wisdom and radio,

Originally published at on October 5, 2014.

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