The Alien Megastructure Story Revisited — Thoughts About the Possible Discovery of ET Mega-structures Around the Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy, by James Bean

The original story about one of the strangest solar systems of the galaxy discovered so far:

Even if this turns out to be a cluster of comets or some other natural occurrence around that highly unusual solar system, this type of headline makes for a likely preview of what an ET detection would actually be like. Makes perfect sense that alien mega-structures or Dyson Spheres would be the “hot Jupiters” or first signs of ET life we would be able to notice. In other words, they would be the easiest signs of intelligent life we could detect with our current level of technology, even as super-sized “hot Jupiters” were the first category of extra-solar planets found. For more on this see, Archaeological SETI or Xenoarchaeology:

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