Making Peace

How do you make peace?

Apparently, by sending a whatsapp message saying, “Hey, you free for a drink?”

By sitting down together and talking face to face, like you used to do, instead of brushing off his concerned, thoughtful questions and eyeing him sideways because you. are. so. angry.

And the letting down of barriers long built up by frustration and anger and bitterness.

By remembering the song, which goes:

Strip everything away till all I have is You ; Undo the veil till all I see is You

And coming to realise that this wisdom from above is pure and peaceable, and if you do not listen, if you do not find — no — make that peace, it’s going to affect everything you do. And probably already has.

Because this has been hanging over you for almost a year. A year of frustration over things you cannot change and things he cannot control, but you are upset over, because this is not how it’s supposed to be.

But it’s never going to be how it’s supposed to be, is it? As long as we’re imperfect humans living in a fallen world. For as long as you keep your walls up, and your bridges burnt, all you see won’t be God. All you’ll see is what’s wrong, what’s broken, what’s not.

And if you really think about it, he’s been reaching out ever so slowly over the past half a year, generously being the bigger person, even in the midst of your scorn. And you know it, though you won’t admit it. Until now.

Until now when the months of tension and bitterness has been melted away by pure love and wisdom, bringing peace. Peace at last, and the knowledge that you go with his blessing, not despite it. And it isn’t your strength or your knowledge or your right that has brought both of you to this pass; it’s nothing but the grace of God and wisdom from above that tells you it’s time to let go.

And so you do.

And you wake up the next day and discover what you’ve been missing all this while.