#SubversiveJesus — Chapter 9


But if the kingdom of God is going to come to earth, we need to speak up for those who are being exploited because they lack choices. Even better, we need to amplify the voices of the oppressed so that others can hear their stories. — Subversive Jesus; Craig Greenfield.


The law cannot be our ultimate moral guide. Slavery was lawful. The holocaust was legal. Segregation was legally sanctioned… Those who stand in solidarity with people on the margins of society are much more likely to find themselves standing up against unjust laws, because they know how such laws affect their friends, the poor.

… It wasn’t enough for us to feel solidarity for the poor, nor to engage in creative acts of resistance. We realised that we could not follow the footsteps of Jesus without coming into conflict with the world system. — Subversive Jesus; Craig Greenfield.


Though we honour those who become missionaries to serve the exploited families of Filipino slums, we often consider it unacceptable or unchristian to challenge the systems and structures that exploited them in the first place.

… Though Paul, Peter and other followers of Jesus deliberately broke laws that were in conflict with God’s commands, they still submitted to the authorities by accepting the legal consequences of their actions; so if we break an unjust law to highlight and protest its injustice, we must be willing to submit to the punishment for breaking such laws in order to demonstrate our respect for the rule of law in general. — Subversive Jesus; Craig Greenfield.

I think, in general, Malaysians are content to be keyboard warriors. We protest things on facebook because we can. We click ‘like’ or react to all those heart-warming posts about how people are still kind and nice to each other despite race and religion, but we rarely go out and do something to change the discriminatory laws we are angry at. We’d rather just migrate to greener pastures.

We stand in solidarity but have yet to look at anything further than that. Even then, our solidarity is usually only in areas that affect us. Which is why I felt that I should honour Hannah Yeoh. Because she is making a difference in a place most of us avoid.

Unprepared, Yeoh had stepped into the unknown when she joined politics as an act of obedience to God’s calling. She didn’t grow up idolizing politicians or dreaming about the profession, but God awakened in her a desire to help the nation when she submitted to His will. Over the years, the journey has enriched her and taught her much about her responsibilities and capabilities. — Two Souls, One Journey — Asian Beacon: Apr-May 2015

Spiritual journeys

A dip into faith and doubt and the continuum in between

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Spiritual journeys

A dip into faith and doubt and the continuum in between