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Life, Matrix and God

Meditation is one of the way to see beyond the mind
Meditation is one of the way to see beyond the illusion.

Have you ever felt that there are never-ending problems in our life? Almost like the world is against you. Something is stopping us to realise the true happiness or the real truth. We are always planning for the next moment but never really reach there. Everyone around you is trying to tame you, trying to slow you down, rejecting your ideas, keeping you waiting, trying to waste your time. Then you are not alone. Many of us feel the same. There is some secret hidden in the world. The world is not as it seems. Someone doesn’t want us to realize the real truth. They want us to get stuck in the web of Maya.

Let’s talk about Maya. In Hindi, it is Maya or The Matrix. If you have seen the movie Matrix, you either think that it is just another action movie, or you have connected with the character of Neo at some deeper level. How he was looking for the truth. Because he knew there was something wrong with the world. And then when he finally realized his true identity and defeated all the Agents. And this is all an illusion, he finally wakes up.

Aren’t we all Neo, waiting to wake up?

My latest belief or theory about Maya is inspired from this video. The video is in Hindi. The gist of the video is that the world is an illusion and we have forgotten our true purpose here. At the end of our life, we all have to go back to the source or God (if you may say).

Now why would God or someone create this illusion of the world to trap us here. I think that God has sent us here to make us learn something. We will keep repeating this cycle of birth and death, till we have realised the real truth. Or as they say in Hinduism, that it is our Karmas from our previous life that lead us to the next birth. And till the time all our Karma are not resolved, we will keep coming to this world to learn and repay all our Karmic debts.

The same thing is told, in some movies. You have to see some of the movies and shows in order to understand the context here. Here I’m listing some of them. I would highly recommend to watch them.

The Truman Show

The Matrix

Hang the DJ

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

P.S. I’m on this parallel spiritual path. I know i haven’t reached the final destination yet. But i know it exists and if are on a similar journey. Let’s connect.

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