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Introspection — A Way of Life

Spiritual Secret#21

Darshak Rana
Feb 23 · 4 min read
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Dear Spiritual Souls,

I hope you all are marinating well in the spiritual juices of your wisdom. It gives me immense joy and fills my heart with pride because of the last week’s prompt response. (i.e I )

Everyone brought something new, refreshing, enriching, and exciting to elevate my spiritual intellect.

Shreya Badonia wrote something very interesting. She said that consciousness means being aware of our true selves. How aptly she had explained this concept in her story! — Consciousness Is Awareness of Who You Are

“To be conscious is to think; to be self-aware is to realize that you are a thinking being and to think about your thoughts.” ~ Shreya Badonia

Next was Amy Jasek. She chose to describe herself poetically in her poem — To Be, or To Have Been

With every night I crumple up what came before
and every dawn the paper lays out smooth again
ready for another unpredictable pen. ~ Amy Jasek

Lanu Pitan once again amazed us with her wise insights. She poured her heart out to pen down her emotions — I Want To Break Free

When you aren’t sincere, you need to pretend
I have trouble listening to adults……….
Who do not really mean what they say ~ Lanu Pitan

Sharon Brandon (Readywriter59) chose to write about self-love. Her empowering thoughts we more than enough to encourage anyone to love themselves — Finding Love Inside

I look in the mirror and I like what I see
There is laughter in the eyes where tears used to be
I accept who I am — the me I am meant to be ~ Sharon Brandon

K. Barrett's take on the prompt was a holistic one. She made the readers change their perspective about introspection — The View In My Mind’s Eye

It is my goal to always try
To assess and reflect
Get better each day that goes by
So if you see me tomorrow
You might not recognize
The me in my mind’s eye ~ K. Barrett

Shirley Willett interpreted “I” as the One — God. She explained that God has infinite faces, and she is Almighty’s reflection. She also adorned her poetry with a self-made portrait — “I” is One, God, the Universe.

Peripherally I see many;
but, only one can be;
that’s a mirror –

a reflection — of ME. ~ Shirley Willett

Ruchi Thalwal took us on a journey throughout her story. She poetically weaved her thoughts to express the two possible solutions to human suffering — Suffering Is Going to End in Either of 2 Ways- Deliberate Ego Dissolution or Physical Death.

When you have so much to lose
The anxiety to fall is too much
But life is the greatest teacher
Ultimately, it all ends in death
whether deliberate ego dissolution
or the physical end ~ Ruchi Thalwal

Indubala Kachhawa used an analogy of flame to describe a divine design of energy systems of the universe. Brilliantly she explained the lessons learned from the flame — A Flame Sparked Me.

A flame is more than just a flicker of fire
Three veneers draped in an attire
Black, Blue and Yellow work in tandem
Singing the chorus of a joyful anthem ~ Indubala Kachhawa

Christina Meier Ph.D. poem was a refreshing one. She talked about reinventing herself — The True Me.

Inside what you see
is a faithful friend, laughing
but ready to cry alongside you
who will walk in when others leave you ~ Christina Meier

What an enriching experience it was to read, understand and implement your wisdom in my life!

I am truly blessed to have you all in my spiritual family. Thank you, everyone, for participating in Saturday’s prompt by sharing your spiritual insights. I also want to extend my gratitude towards the writers who chose to write for the weekdays.

On that note, I’ll take your leave.

See you all on the next Thrilling Tuesday.

Till then, keep writing, sharing, and experiencing the world of spirituality.

Loads of hugs and love!


Darshak Rana

The Prompt for the Week: “Freedom.”

I welcome you all to participate in this week’s prompt, “Freedom.” You can also choose to write on anything similar to that priviledge, independence, rules, emancipation, etc.

Here’s my take on the prompt: The Air of Freedom Under My Wings

Please don’t forget to tag me so that I don’t miss reading it.

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Darshak Rana

Written by

✦10X Medium Top Writer ✦ Founder of Spiritual Secrets ✦ Writer. Thinker. Spiritual. Pacifist. Engineer. Reader. Chef. ✦Connect on Twitter@watisinsideme

Spiritual Secrets

Sharing Spiritual Stories That elevates the quality of life.

Darshak Rana

Written by

✦10X Medium Top Writer ✦ Founder of Spiritual Secrets ✦ Writer. Thinker. Spiritual. Pacifist. Engineer. Reader. Chef. ✦Connect on Twitter@watisinsideme

Spiritual Secrets

Sharing Spiritual Stories That elevates the quality of life.

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