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Mystic lover

The embrace that took me to a new dimension

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysteries — it is the source of all true art and science.”

— Albert Einstein

How to recover from an experience like that?
How to understand?

Though my soul knew all along.
In my mind, there is a huge struggle!

That night when I lost myself in your arms.
That night when I surrendered to a love so wild, so untamable —
it shook me to my core!
Just for a moment. Only to try.

Surrounded by utter Stillness.
Laying on your bed, covered by thick blankets.
Deeply absorbed in this tight embrace. Intoxicated by your vibrant energy.
Just the two of us, closely intertwined. Breathing.

This love is like a wildfire, unapologetically consuming all obstacles.
It didn’t ask for permission, it just was there.
Provocative. Dominant.
A connection so obvious — so out there — trying to hide it seems ridiculous!

I get scared. This is too intense. Everything starts spinning.
My heart starts racing too. So many thoughts — so much that I want to say.
My mind is racing. My heart is hammering against my rips.
Violently it demands my chest to open up and make space.

I become dizzy.
Is this a panic attack? What am I doing here? I need to calm down.
I close my eyes. I start listening to the rhythm of your breath.
It’s fast. Way faster than mine. You give me a tight squeeze.
And I am too exhausted to think right now. Too hypnotized to react.

I drop. Burst into a million pieces.
There is nothing to think right now, nothing to say.
And if there are any words to describe this intensity, right now is not the time to waste energy on finding them.

Nobody is watching and it’s okay to be in love.
Dusk will come and tear us apart — reveal the consequences.
But right now none of that matters.
Right now, it’s just the two of us and this moment — eternity!

I see my boundaries melt away.
I shudder as they ripple down one after another.
Tiny shocks shake my body.
Weight is taken off. I feel light.

My whole being starts merging into yours — vibrating with you.
Vibrating strong. And then the abyss appears underneath us.
It absorbs the whole scene.
The ground crumbles away and I am flying. Nothing left.
Except for this love. This all-consuming feeling of never-ending comfort.

And it is clear — no question is left to be asked.
Watching in dynamic stillness.
Everywhere and nowhere. Formless. Weightless.
Hovering over those stunning landscapes as the sky herself.

I hear your soft voice, and I am back in your room — back in your arms.
‘Welcome back dear. How was meditation?’




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