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Self-Worth Involves Multiple Identities of Self

Spiritual Saturday — Darshak Rana

In the 1980s I had 8 Personalities. They were each created to protect myself from some aspect of the outside social world that was hurting me, or to simply deal with some aspects of society. They were all my inner family and communicated and respected each other. And each one had worth as a self.

Gradually as I advanced in consciousness and study of myself, understanding and acceptance of the outside world, I began to merge many of those “selves”.

Today I have three selves, all of worthiness in different ways: 1. My body self, which is a temporary gift that I take care of, so at 87 I am healthy, and my body and I communicate to keep me healthy. 2. My social self, which is continually changing to keep up a better understanding with the outside world. 3. My Spirit self, the foundation self that lasts through all my lifetimes. Today, I have an intimate communication with that Spirit Self, whose worth is so valuable it is like nothing else in the Universe.

Isn’t that what evolution of consciousness is about, discovering the ultimate worthiness of the Spirit Self?

Thank you Darshak Rana, for the prompt on Self-Worth.



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