Being a parent means watching Big Hero 6, not Interstellar.

ME: Part of being a parent means watching Big Hero 6 when you could be watching Interstellar.

HE: Man, that must suck.

ME: No, not really. First of all, Big Hero 6 was pretty entertaining. A nice ride.

HE: That good, huh?

ME: I imagine Interstellar would be more to my liking.

HE: Then what—?

ME: Big Hero 6 was okay and entertaining, but it’s not about the movie. When you go watch an animation with a little kid, you’re really watching the kid.

HE: What do you mean, watching the kid?

ME: It’s like this — the show’s okay, to you, but it’s awesome-amazing to the kid. So, when you watch the kid watching the show, it’s awesome-amazing to you. Get it?

HE: Yeah. I think I got it.

ME: And then you go and watch Interstellar with a grownup. At least until your kid’s grown enough to watch such shows with you.

HE: Doesn’t sound half bad.

ME: It sure ain’t.

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