Is this an orthodox way of looking at orthodoxy?

Orthodoxy is what’s left in the wake of the search for truth. It’s an artifact.

Truth rarely seems orthodox when it is first discovered.

Orthodoxy is like a crust that forms around molten lava. It tells you how the lava flowed, and it reveals something about what lava is like and how it behaves, but the crust itself is not lava. It’s just a cold husk.

Orthodoxy is like the majestic ruins left behind by an ancient civilisation. It hints at how great the civilisation once was in its art and commerce and culture, but the ruins are not that civilisation itself. They only point to the truth of what that civilisation was.

Orthodoxy is therefore akin to myth — a narrative that may or may not be factual, but points to the truth that exists beyond what appears to be true.

The truth isn’t necessarily orthodox, because orthodoxy finds it hard to keep up with the truth.

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