Write your heart out, to clear your mind.

Srinivas Rao. That’s his name.

I just read his article on Medium about how he changed his life and productivity by writing 1,000 words a day. His strategy is what some have termed BIC — butt in chair.

But he’s got some pretty sophisticatedly simple techniques, too.

Reduce the energy it takes to do something, he said. Open the writing app the night before. Write one sentence the night before. Not too shabby, my friend.

Use a distraction-free writing app, he says. Eliminate all bells and whistles. (See, I just hid my phone behind my laptop screen because a Facebook notification popped up two paragraphs ago and distracted me. I didn’t read what that notification was about.) And I just put my tab in fullscreen mode. I’m writing in 750words.com right now, by the way.

Srinivas writes 1,000 words a day. 750 Words is based on that book The Artist’s Way, which recommends writing three pages a day, first thing in the morning, to clear one’s mind. It’s a brilliant idea. And I’ve found it wonderful for me — when it works.

And when does it work? When I do it. That’s all there is to it, isn’t it? After all, the simplicity of the system — and the clean, purpose-focused interface of 750words.com means that the steps to writing in it are: put your butt in chair, write 750 words, get up from your chair.

Why don’t I do it, then?

As with so many things that are “good for you”, that you know you “should do”, that have the potential to “change your life”, I get distracted by less important but more urgent matters.

For example, right now, I’ve got one piece of client work that I know I need to get out. It’s nagging me, at the back of my mind. I can feel it gnawing at the base of my skull. But, inspired by Srinivas Rao’s article, which I’d just read (it’s morning), I decided to say, “Hey, Siri, countdown 20 minutes,” fire up 750words.com, put my butt in chair and write. Just to see what happens.

UPDATE: And what happened? Clear mind, restful heart, fresh motivation. Give this a go!

Originally published at planbpilgrims.com.