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Spiritual Tree

Image created by Efes Kitap (Pixabay-public domain)

First Love

A purple sun rises
from the ashes of her soul
and changes the color
of heaven. I play chess
with God and listen
to His stories about the old days
when Abraham walked
by His side and David wrote
songs of love. She died
in a car crash at the age
of sixteen, a time when
we both were virgins and
Martin Luther King was
assassinated in Memphis.
Even God cheats at chess
and forgets to take a shower.
Hold my hand, she said as
she led me down to the muddy lake
where we gazed at a yellow moon
and traded kisses for a few
precious moments. Sometimes
memory is the only gift we
give ourselves and the only hope
we have of finding our way
home. I listen to God belch
and wish that I could hold
her hand one more time before
the sun rises over my grave.

Harley King is a published poet and writer. Connect with him on Goodreads.com. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2876863.Harley_King

He has been speaking and training professionally for more than 30 years on leadership and customer service. He has trained more than 7,500 people to speak and train.



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Harley King

Harley King

Poet, Novelist, Artist. Follow me on my novel writing journey: https://medium.com/country-charm Editor: The Torchbearer. https://medium.com/the-torchbearer