Spiritual Tree
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Spiritual Tree


Sometimes when God
visits, we spend
our time together
in silence, listening
to the pounding
of the waves against
the shore, watching
the moon rise full
above the trees,
hearing the hooting
of an owl as well
as the barking of
the neighbor’s dog.
Now and then, one
of us will break the silence
with a few words strung
together, nothing profound
or enlightening, just
the need to voice what
our hearts are saying.

Harley King is a published poet and writer. Connect with him on Goodreads.com. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2876863.Harley_King He has been speaking and training professionally for more than 30 years before groups ranging from 10 to 600. He has trained more than 7,500 people to speak and train.



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