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The Myth of Two Cities

A Contradictory Reality

They speak of two cities, yet I see one.

A city where everyone can breathe easy.

A city where everyone can live peacefully.

They speak of two realities, yet I see one.

A reality where the impact married the intent.

A reality where the love outshines the hate.

They speak of two people, yet I see many.

Many people capable of change.

Many people capable of building our future.

They speak of two futures, yet I see one.

A future full of possibility and hope.

A future full of life and longevity.

They speak of two extremes, yet I see one.

An extreme moment for radical love.

As always, I want to thank Simran Kankas for providing a platform for us to express ourselves in new and creative ways. This is a space I wish I had growing up that I didn’t even know I needed. Simran Kankas’s weekly prompt topic about FUTURE, inspired me to write this piece. I highly recommend checking out the original post.



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Malik Shabazz Hampton

Malik Shabazz Hampton


On a journey to uplift and transform society. Dr. Angela Davis has prescribed us to act as if it is possible to transform the world and I intend to do that.