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The Prodigal Son

A beautiful Story of Love and Forgiveness

For a long time the story of the Prodigal Son puzzled me. Years ago when my mother was still alive, a dear uncle came to visit us and I never forgot the conversation we had at dinner. I told him: the story of the Prodigal Son never convinced me. I just can’t accept the fact that one son is helping his parents, working hard, taking care of them e the other one simply travels around the world spending all the money he asked his father. And then, the guy comes back with no money at all and the father promotes a big party to receive his beloved son. No, it’s not right. My uncle also agreed with me and we laughed a lot at our transgression of religious dictates and biblical stories. We did that more for fun, but I recognize we shouldn’t.

Years later I could understand this story in my heart.

The Prodigal Son is for me one of the most beautiful stories I have heard. The person or something we have lost will always be much more precious when we find them than when we had it at our hands, before our eyes and our hearts. I remember a ring that I lost. I thought I had lost it at home and I looked it carefully. It was a jewel presented by my kindest aunt and then, after so many years I still dream of this ring. I didn’t have the luck and the joy “of the woman who, finding the lost drachma, replaces it in her coffers, amid the joy of the neighborhood”. As Saint Augustine asks: “why does the soul feel more joy when finding the loved objects than if it had always possessed them?” Why do we only value it when we lose it?

Let’s not talk about losing things, but about persons. Sons and daughters who literally demand part of the inheritance and leave us. The History shows. The other day a friend of mine told me about some acquaintances with a daughter who left the family and spent many years without returning. Then the mother got sick and wanted to see her girl just once more. The girl was told and came to see her mother. The whole family made the biggest party that house had ever heard of. We live the biblical stories every day and we never realized it.

In general parents love their children and want the best for them. Even when they get lost, parents are always waiting for them. And if they come back, what a joy! Now, let us think about God! He’s our Creator, He loves us above all. He really loves us with Unconditional Love. And He is sad when He sees that we are angry or unable to trust in Him. Imagine the anguish of a mother when her son is afraid and can’t sleep. She hugs him and she says she is there always and she will be. But the son can’t believe her. How desperate the mother feels! God is our father and we can trust in Him, whatever happens.

It’s worth remembering that the Prodigal Son didn’t return to extort even more the father he loved. No, he came back humble to ask forgiveness and to live like a employee. The return of the Prodigal Son is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness. It’s a profound symbol of our own history while we are in this life. We receive a rich heritage, gifts and talents that we don’t multiply, sometimes we bury them. And throughout our journey in all parts of the world, we are seduced and slaves of all kinds of passions, consumed by worries or comfortable in our pleasures, but always distant from God.

We shall not wait to return to the Father’s house at the last moment, even though He’s always there waiting for us with His Unconditional Love and His forgiveness forever and ever.



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