The Secret of the Law of Attraction Revealed

How this invisible force influences everything — even the books we read and the articles we write

Lucy Milanova
Jun 27, 2020 · 9 min read
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you’re living in the 21st century and are somehow exposed to media — the internet, press, TV or radio — I bet you heard about the famous Law Of Attraction. There’s hardly a chance you’d miss it as the whole world, the mindfulness and esoteric practices including a wide spectrum of self-development literature were all soaked through with this concept.

Yet, all the years after, I don’t think we have — as a society — collectively managed to grasp the substance of what this theory actually teaches.

I’d say that we’ve once again done what’s been so natural for humans throughout our history — and what essentially happened to all the spiritual teachings and pure philosophies that got turned into institutionalized religions and sects — we messed the whole thing up. But to be more coherent, we as a collective have misunderstood the whole point — or maybe even didn’t want to accept it the way it was, therefore we twisted it, tried to oversimplify it, then followed it all in a wrong way, which didn’t lead us anywhere, and so we mocked it, and then made this whole concept sound like one massive flop. So yeah, once again, well done, humans.

There is such a thing as the Law of Attraction.

That’s all I can say.

I could theoretically get into a thorough scientific explaining, but honestly, I don’t need to, neither want to. This concept has been in front of our eyes for over 20 years and so all of us have been exposed to it to some extent and can do their own homework. If you’re interested in this topic, you rather do your own research as the whole subject is rather huge. To give you a hint — you can look at this theory of attraction through quantum physics, quantum mechanics, metaphysics, even psychology. It makes understanding it easier.

I want you to experience the power of the Law of Attraction as you’re learning about it. I want you to be guided by your own energy that brings you to places that give you the best, unbiased explanation about this topic.

For the record extracted thanks to Wikipedia, did you know when the concept of The Law Of Attraction first emerged more globally? Have a guess.


You probably guessed wrong. It’s been the 19th century already, more specifically, 1877 when the term “Law of Attraction” appeared in print for the first time in a book written by the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky. Others were writing about it ever since with books like Think and Grow Rich (1937) by Napoleon Hill, The Power of Positive Thinking (1952) by Norman Vincent Peale, and You Can Heal Your Life (1984) by Louise Hay.

This concept is nowhere close to new — it feels rather ancient.

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And I would be surprised not to find (through proper academic research) that many ancient civilizations, spiritual teachings and sacred texts have already known, identified and incorporated this wisdom widely as a part of their spiritual practice — only under a different term. I am thinking (out of mind) of Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism or the Tripitaka, the sacred book of Buddhism, even Christian Bible coming mainly through the teaching of Jesus, and Quran — the sacred book of Islam, as well as Torah — first five books of the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible.

As just out of my knowledge and personal past experiences with this phenomenon, I met the concept of Law Of Attraction even in tribal Amazonian and North American civilizations — as I got to literally meet the leaders from the Amazon, Peruvian and Brazilian Native Indians, as well as some of the remnants of the native American tribes that were brutally slaughtered by the white colonists, the Cheyennes now based in South Dakota. (And meeting these tribal leaders has been an incredibly powerful and enriching experience for me which I must also write about one day.)

But back to the story.

Your own research — that is your effort, time and energy invested in this matter will trigger something incredible to happen to you.

It will give you your own experience of the Law of Attraction in action. Plus, the enlightenment.

And, it’s easier than you may think as you probably stumble upon 20 videos, posts, articles etc. quite easily, as soon as you put keywords in Google. And I want you to have your own experience.

I want you to experience the Law Of Attraction in action. I want you to be guided by your own energy that brings you to places (and the most relevant sources according to your level of knowledge, understanding, and your frame of reference) that give you the best, unbiased explanation.

Because this, my dears, is exactly how the law of attraction works.

The law of attraction is one of the most natural laws there is. Just like gravity — the constant gravitational attraction.

Just imagine, I am actually writing this article because the law of attraction happened to me earlier on, today!

Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

Yesterday, I started drafting an article about The Power Of Now — in other words about the power of the present moment we have. As I am constantly pulled into it and have over time learned how to be there 100%. By the way, it’s something mindblowing to experience!

And so, I did compile my awareness with knowledge of some other people who master this law — the law of living in the present moment. One of whom is Eckhart Tolle who I remembered yesterday as well. And so, I’ve had his book The Power of Now for ages, and to be honest, I never fully read it as I assume — I wasn’t ready yet and didn’t need to at that time. But just imagine this.

Today, I have intuitively — not even consciously, but subconsciously taken the book that’s been untouched for more than 10 years — out of the bookshelf on my way to the breakfast table! I’ve taken it the same automated way as I take my cup of coffee from the kitchen every morning. So first it happened, and a second after, it absolutely astounded me. I had to stop for a moment — just look at the book and contemplate what I just did.

Well, that was my experience of the law of attraction.

Once I was back from the daydreaming, I opened the book and started reading it and suddenly — believe it or not, everything in that book made a perfect sense of all my experiences with the present moment over the past few weeks. The exact recent experiences that I wanted to sum up in my article the previous day!

For the reference, one can also call this kind of experience synchronicity. The term originally developed by one of my most favourite figures in the field of psychology of all time — Carl Jung. Carl Gustav was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, the founder of analytical psychology who also studied synchronicities — that’s what made him somewhat of a controversial persona.

But back to the book — its very first page, the very first few lines inspired me to write this article.

In other words, I got attracted to what exactly I needed to finish my draft from yesterday. But even beyond, maybe to even learn much more about this present moment — the now I am experiencing so much these days.

And even beyond, I got attracted to it, so that I can expand this awareness and reach you with it as well.

This way the law of attraction works. It gives us what we need to receive. It pulls us towards it. Naturally, seamlessly, automatically as if it was a common practice. As if there was an invisible bond between us and the thing, the experience or the person we’re going to be pulled towards!

We get attracted to what we’re meant to receive. That what we’re ready for. Another example that proves my point of how perfectly this law engineers is — relationships. Just look at them, look at your ones. Look who you’re getting attracted to — how, through what and why. There’s always a big ‘why’ behind them. If you’re interested in the science of this, read Ross Rosenberg — The Human Magnet Syndrome, it kind of transformed my life.

The book basically talks about how there is this invisible magnetic bond (equivalent to this law of attraction) that pulls two people together. It’s not a physical attraction, neither intellectual nor purely emotional, that only happens after — it’s in fact energetic or a spiritual one. And why it puts you together with the other person? Because you need each other. In one way or another. Either it’s a happy forever bond or a friendship, or a relationship full of hardships you need to learn from to transform yourself.

So this is how I understand this law and how it manifests.

The same way I pulled out this book today. The same way you’ve stumbled upon and found yourself reading this article. It was brought to your consciousness, something made you open it and read. And reach till here.

Only to find that this is also somehow a part of the divine plan — something way beyond our understanding, whether you’re religious, spiritual or atheist.

And so what comes to our lives comes for a reason, even the articles and books we read we attract at the exact right time when we need them.

It happened at least 10 times to me so far. A few times with the books from Paulo Coelho — my virtual soulmate. When I was exploring my spirituality, I found the Witch of Portobello in an antique bookshop almost all covered by dust. And then I discovered Brida later on when I met my soulmate while being with a life partner — the book actually talks all on that. And I read Aleph while exploring my lives beyond this one — so did Paulo through that book.

Also, interestingly enough for me, the last year when I was playing around with an idea of writing my own book — I created a structure, had the plot and started wondering about what I’d want the title to be.

I found the title soon enough — I wanted to name it Extraordinary. And I noted it down to my little notebook on the side as I was also doing something else, I was finishing a book (by Paulo Coelho — again), while also thinking of the title of my new book, and when I noted the Extraordinary and came back to his book, the sentence I read next had this wording:

‘’The book describes his experiences and his discovery that the extraordinary occurs in the lives o ordinary people.’’

What are the odds, right? Even more, what are the odds if this is precisely why I wanted to name my book ‘Extraordinary’. It was a story of an ordinary woman, however extraordinary in nature. That was a sign. The sign. Big sign. Not a coincidence.

I got attracted to receiving an answer to the question about my book name. Through another book.

What poetic synchronicity? I definitely will call my first book this.

So see. The Law Of Attraction.

That’s why you’re reading my article. It’s meant for you. And that, my dearest reader, I want you to know and remember. That’s all from me for now.

Much love,


Spiritual Tree

Planting Seeds of Spirituality….

Thanks to Simran Kankas

Lucy Milanova

Written by

✎ Personal Growth, Mental Health, Mindfulness Writer | Londoner | Creative Entrepreneur | HR Consultant | Transformation Coach💡 at

Spiritual Tree

Planting Seeds of Spirituality — To spread Peace of mind, Positivity and Happiness through Spiritual Connections

Lucy Milanova

Written by

✎ Personal Growth, Mental Health, Mindfulness Writer | Londoner | Creative Entrepreneur | HR Consultant | Transformation Coach💡 at

Spiritual Tree

Planting Seeds of Spirituality — To spread Peace of mind, Positivity and Happiness through Spiritual Connections

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